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Top 10 Reasons to Book with Future Travel

Top 10 Reasons to Book with Future Travel
  1. Travel Experts.
    • Travel professionals are experts in the field of travel. They are there to find the right product, at the best price, for your needs at no extra cost to you. Our services are FREE!
  2. We find that vacation that is right for you.
    • You are not booking with an impersonal website. You are talking to someone who knows you and what you value in your travel experience. Someone who takes the time to find out what is important to you and finds the vacation that is just right.
  3. Customer Advocate.
    • If you have problems while you are away, your travel professional is there to assist you in resolving your concerns.
  4. We find you the best value for your travel dollar.
    • Travel Professionals inform you about all your choices, let you know about special promotions, and can advise on the quality of a particular product.
  5. We save you time and money.
    • Your travel agent can save you time and money by handling all aspects of your trip, from air tickets and hotel, to car rental, insurance, shuttles, tours and activities.
  6. Unbiased Information.
    • Your travel agent works for you, not the travel supplier. Their only objective is to get you the best value and satisfy you completely
  7. Super service from start to finish.
    • Travel Professionals help you choose and plan your vacation, prepare for departure, and are there afterwards to assist with any question or concerns you may have in regards to your trip.
  8. Book with Trust.
    • Our Travel Professionals pride themselves in the relationships they create over the years. We are successful because of the loyalty we earn that has clients booking with us year after year.
  9. Time Savings.
    • Your travel professional has an abundance of information at his/her fingertips and can pull up unlimited travel options quickly and efficiently.
  10. Protection.
    • Booking your vacation through a travel agency gives you the protection you need as we are registered with the BC Registrar of Travel. In these economic times you need this protection. If an airline goes under your money is refundable through this agency. Don’t book your air tickets on line book through us for peace of mind.